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We are an event planning agency


We are one of the top event management companies in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, engaged in the business of providing solutions in the field of event management on a variety of areas such as corporate and personal events, including Weddings, Birthday Parties, DJ/Theme Parties, Stage Shows, Corporate Events, Sports Events, Varsity Events and much more by various modes in and outside India.

With the strategy to establish an exciting and inspiring environment around the audience, we lift the impact of each and every event to the new level of success and unparalleled identity so that our guests or prospective clients experience cutting edge art direction of every visual element. So call us or drop a message to experience the magic of a classic conception!

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save money

We work with vendors to save your money on all kinds of things. We know which vendor would be willing to work with us on what price and where we’d have some wiggle room. In the long run, we can save your money you would have spent on hiring an individual vendor.

save time

Planning an event does take a lot of time. Hiring us enables you to plan and conduct your event smoothly in much shorter duration than you would have taken. We plan, research, get you perfect deals and carry out the event as you want it.

stay stress free

As soon as you hire us, you can step back, regroup, breathe and focus on the things you care the most about. Whereas we will be handling every major and minor detail of the entire event, and you can be more productive on the things you do best.

best Marketing

For events where the guest list is a lot bigger, how can a potential client make sure that they market the event successfully? We have all of the knowledge, experience, and connections to make sure that any event they plan is a success, not a flop.


Being professional event organizing company in the area, we can host your event with grace. We take care of all the details, attend all your guests, fix problems, and ensure to make your event flawless and a joyful experience for you.

adequate choices

Our tie-ups with a number of vendors in various fields help you to get an in-hand choice and then get in touch with the right logistics, caterers, venues, and lot more. Thus, making your important event a hassle-free and memorable experience.


meet the three enthusiastic entrepreneurs

  • Dhirender Kumar

  • (898) 844-1882
  • dhirender@aliferous.in
  • I believe that when you are in the game, play the game, focus on what you are really here for, everything else can wait and will wait if you are really dedicated to your goal.

  • Rahul Kumar

  • (730) 731-0880
  • rahul@aliferous.in
  • I actively believe that "You have to set your own value, communicate that value to the world, and then not settle for less". Likewise, I visualize my goals and strive to accomplish them.

  • Deepak Kumar

  • (889) 483-9171
  • deepak@aliferous.in
  • I understand that founders motivated by control will make decisions that enable them to lead the business at the expense of increasing its value. Hence my every decision is to benefit Aliferous.

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We provide end to end solutions for any occasion. Our main goal is to be the pioneer in event management industry by making your event perfect, memorable and successful. So let's join hands & make your event the “talk of the town”!

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